Police Constable Quiz Test 23

What is the set of rules called?


What is the unit of power of a lens?


To whom will the officer appointed to investigate the crime under the Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act send the investigation report?

A. Home Secretary B. District Magistrate C. Superintendent of Police D. Director General of Police

Whose statue is there in Jain Derasar?

Dhammanath (Tithakar in 18)

In which village of Gujarat do people of African descent maintain their distinctive culture?


Burgaby is the national sport of which country?


What is the synonym of Kasar?


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Whose nickname is Badrayan?

Bhanushankar Vyas

The first M. in Gujarat. a. Who got the degree of?

Ambalal Shankarlal Desai

What is the name of the coach of Himadas?


Lokvan is a variety of which crop?


How many days did it take to draft the Constitution of India?

1083 days

What is the currency of Jordan?

2 dinars

What is the shortcut key to make the text bold in MS word?

Ctrl + B

What is the 23rd date of Jain Dhamma?


What is the sign of Tithikar Pashwanath?


Which of these is located in Kutch district?


What is the prevalent species of poultry found in Indian villages?


All the laws that came into force before the commencement of the Constitution are considered null and void if they are inconsistent with the provisions of fundamental rights. In which article is this provision?

Article 13

Where was the first Gujarati to be appointed as US Ambassador?

Gaganvihari Mehta

What is the meaning of “Karda”?


When was the Ghar Divada Yojana started?


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