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Police Constable Quiz Test 22

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Who wrote the book ‘Planned Economy For India’?

M. Visvesvaraya
For the Governor “The Governor’s job is only to welcome guests, to have tea and breakfast.” Who said
Pattabhi Sitaramaiya

Wesar style of temple construction was first developed by which dynasty?


Hey, my naive teacher doesn’t have poetry yet … Identify the verse?


How many years of Rakshabandhan and 15th August falls on the same date?

14 years

How many items have got GI tag in Gujarat?


Bhaliya wheat

Keshar curry of Gir

Kutch embroidery

Patolu of Patan

Surat Jarikam

Jamnagar Bodhani

Badhani says __ in English?


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When was SEBI established?

12 April 1988

Which word is used for tribals in the Constitution of India?

Scheduled Tribes

What was Gandhiji’s favorite sport in his student days?


What is the only bird that can rest on its own?


Explain the meaning of the word tadbir?


When was BSNL founded?


Scientific name of cow?

Boss Index

When was the Machchu Dam broken?

11 August 1979

Which Indian bird is known as “Police Patel” of birds?

Cars Koshi

Where is the Heritage Khalsa Museum located?


Who translated Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace into Gujarati?

Jayati Dalal

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