Police Constable Quiz Test 21


Maximum time allowed in Auto Save in a Word file?

2120 minutes

How many districts in Gujarat currently have tribal population?


Name the first psychology of Gujarati language and its author.

Chittashastra-Manilal Dwivedi

Which book was written by Alexander Farbes on the dynasties and historical events of Gujarat?


What measures the quality of a scanner?

ppi (pixel per inch)

PiDpi (dot per inch)

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What are the benefits of adopting electronic governance in the administration in the state?

A. Quick task disposal and task classification B. Reduction of corruption

C. Instant exchange of information D. All of these are true

What is the power unit of Allens?


What is the set of rules called?


What is the equivalent of the word crow?

A. Champo B. Only C. Cuckoo D. Vyso

By what other name is Ramadan Eid known?


What percentage of the party gets general party status in the general election?


What is the spelling of haiku?


Who was the one who wrote costumes like Odan Zanda Jhulan and Raja Deghan?

Asait Thackeray

Which economist gave the concept of Hindu growth rate?

Prof. Raja Krishna

In areas where more irrigation is done, a salt crust is formed on some lands. What is it called?


Q is the first Indian newspaper to be found on the internet?

The Hindu :.

In which year was the ozone depletion first observed?


What is the synonym of “white”?

A. Black B. White: C. Green D. Red

Give a synonym for the word “watch”?

A. Sentence B. Form C. Souday: D. Speech

How many amendments were introduced during the meeting of the Constitution?



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