Police Constable Quiz Test 19

Whose nickname is Prayogveer?

B.K. Thakor

Who ordered the inclusion of Article 35A in the constitution.

Rajendra Prasad

Who was the first Union Minister of India?

Princess Amritakor

Which Egyptian missionary came to Gujarat from the time of Siddharth Raj Jaisingh?


Where was Maharaja Rajendrasinh born as a Lieutenant General?


Who led Rupa Naik and Keval Naik in the battle of 1857?


Who was the first Chief Secretary of Gujarat?

V. Ishwaran

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State the full name of the Tamil Nadu organization LTTE and its main leader who assassinated Rajiv Gandhi ….

IbLibareshan tigers of Tamil Ilam …

Neta Velu Pilaai Prabhakaran …

Whose work is Sharanai Walo and Seth?


Where is the volcano located in Fujia?


This Fujia is a sacred volcano in Japan … where people sacrifice animals .. in its mouth

The first battle of Terai was fought between whom?

Mohammad Ghori Prithviraj Chauhan

What is the area of ​​Gujarat equal to the total area of ​​India?


How many lotuses were there in the flag waved by Madam Kama?


What was the name of Prithviraj Chauhan’s father?


In which article is the provision of Finance Bill?


Who decides whether a bill is a finance bill or not?

Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Who was known as Sher A Punjab?

Lala Lajpatrai

What was the capital of India before 1911?


In which court is the only idol of Bhagat Singh located in all of Gujarat?


Vedic civilization developed on the banks of which river


The Chief Minister of which Indian state is known as “Mama”?

Madhya Pradesh

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