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Police Constable Quiz Test 16

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Where is Lake Chhab located?


Which is the highest peak of Nilgiris?


Asait Thackeray is known for his contribution in which field?

Brother (disguise)

Who was the Governor of Gujarat when Presidential rule was first imposed in Gujarat?

Shri Srimannarayan

What is involved in starting breastfeeding in the first hour before birth?


Whose autobiography is “Bad man” ?

Gulshan Grover

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What was the job of Zaverchand Meghani’s father?


In which year the Civil Hospital of Ahmedabad was started. ?

E.S. 1848

In which year was the company ‘Zomato’ founded?


Who founded the company ‘Zomato’?
Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chadha

Which weapon is associated with Lord Shiva?

A. Dirty B. Chakra C. Khatwagarh D. Parshu

Which region is known as “Abhirdesh”?


Khambha taluka is located in which district?


Amod taluka is located in which district?


Which Chief Minister was elected from Kutch constituency?

Suresh Mehta

Where is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Museum located?


What is the distance from Kanyakumari to the equator?

800 km

Who was the first Indian to receive the Pritzer Prize in 2018?

Balakrishna Doshi

Pirana is located in which taluka of Ahmedabad?


How long was Abdul Kalam President?


When is World Aging Day celebrated?

1 October

Where is the headquarters of GIDC located?


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