Police Constable Quiz Test 14

When was Gandhiji first arrested in India?

April 4, 1917

From the perspective of the history of Gujarat.

Mahi Kantha

Give a word for the phrase “without a hitch”.


What is the constitution of Mandakranta verse ???

Aum bhant tat ga ga

What is the structure of Vasant Tilaka verse ???

Ait bha j j ga ga

What is the compound of ‘Karnapriya’ ???


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Identify the karmani sentence.

A. Seth will raise his salary this month. B. I will exercise. C. Will you come in the morning ??? ✅ D. Sagar said nothing.

What word is used for an unmarried man coming to a swimming fair?


What was the original name of Ramakrishna Paramahansa?

Gadadhar Chattopadhyaya✅

Who controls calcium and phosphate?


Since when has the word Saurashtra been used instead of Kathiawar?

15 April 1954

When were the bones of Shyamji Krishna Vamo and his wife Bhanumati brought to India?

4 September 2003

I got old and lost my mind, I lost my way and lost money .. Whose line is this?


Tulsi wedding is celebrated on which day.

Kartak sud agiyaras

Which sport is known as Chedugudu in South India


Which tree wood is used in the production of charcoal?

cart acacia

Which son of Gandhiji participated in Dharasana Satya Graha?


What is the state flower of Haryana?


On what date was the first Presidential rule imposed in Gujarat?

13 May

What is the type of a single spark poem?

Poetry of Pratha

What is the position of India in terms of vegetation diversity?


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