Police Constable Quiz Test 13

Who is the author of the play ‘Pencil Color and Candle’?
Adil Mansoori
From which saint of the Swaminarayan sect did the poet Dalpatram take initiation?
Bhumananda Swami 3
Which of the following grains is not included in the staple food of Tapi, Surat, Dang district?
A. Kodro B. Nagli C. Varai D. Buntio
Primary education was given a place among the fundamental rights by the …….. Amendment of the Constitution.
The history of shipping business in Gujarat is first found in which book?
Audh Periplus of Erythrian C
Who was the eighth Chief Minister of Gujarat?
Amarsih Chaudhary
In which district are the Alek or Alichi hills located?

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Income Tax Day
24 July
By what other name is Padhar dance known?
A. Halar B. Halesa C. Doka D. Hooda
Noon is a big hound. Identify the metaphor?
The distant hills shouted and spoke. Identify the metaphor?
I sing a song What happens to the sentence of the sentence?
I sang the song
Which Gujarati poet took part in Dandiyatra?
Krishnalal Sridharani
Who is the author of Shabdalok?
Father Wallace
Where is Yakshagana a folk dance?
What is Molido?
Kargam dance belongs to which state?
Tamil Nadu
Which player is known as the turbonator?
Harbhajan Singh
Who was the person who prepared food for Gandhiji when he went to jail in 1907?
Thambi Naidu

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