Police Constable Quiz Test 10

Which word is not synonymous with Meraman?
A. Sea B. Sea C. Sea D. Lake
In which district is the tomb of Mahatma Muldas located?
A. Amreli: B. Junagadh C. Kutch D. Gir Somnath
Explain the meaning of rheumatism. – ‘Holding with one finger’
A. To be omnipotent: B. To brag C. To be arrogant D. To lift all the load
Which land is known as Reh, Usar, Kallar, Chopan etc.?
A. Sandy B. Edge soil C. Alkaline soil D. Alkaline soil:
Which dish is a dental dish?
A. Six B. B C. Th D.

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What is the maximum number of months / years a financial crisis can be extended?
A. 1 month B. 2 months C. 1 year D. No limit:
Deviraj, Devitej, Gujarat-67, Shaker-4 What are the varieties?
A. Rice, B. Sorghum C. Millet D. Cotton
In which award is Bharat Ratna (Bharat Ratna) inscribed in Surya and Devanagari script on the leaf of a pipe?
A. Bharat Ratna: B. Padma Vibhushan C. Padma Shri D. Padma Bhushan
Name the inventor of Heavy Water?
A. Galileo B. Michael Faraday C. Leyland Clark D. Newton Lewis:
In which language did Tulsidasji create Ramcharit Manas?
A. Sanskrit B. Prakrit: C. Abhrash D. None
Harappa is located in which district of Pakistan?
Which king is known as Chandragupta Morya of Gujarat?
When was the Kharland Act enacted?
What can be used to measure stroke?
On which mountain was the city of Lanka situated?
What was the real name of Aishwarya?
Who has the right to distribute the national flag?
Khadi Bhandar Kannotak
What is the rank of Gujarat in India in biodiversity?
Who inaugurated Guru Govidasih University at Godhra?
Anandiben Patel
Which place of Gujarat is considered to be the abode of citizens?
In which taluka is the Mitiyala Sanctuary located?
Who was the youngest Chief Minister of Gujarat?
Chimanbhai Patel
Whose book is “My Life at the Bar” and the Fountain of Humanity?
Ganesh Vasudev Mavalkar
Who called Akha a ‘smiling poet’?
Umashankar Joshi
What was Gangasti’s childhood name?

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