Police Bharti Online Quiz Test –7


How old was Gadhiji at the time of Dadiyatra?


When was Back of Baroda founded?


What is the number of Jupiter’s satellites?


Which is the largest satellite of Jupiter?


When is International Mother Language Day celebrated?

21 February

The Cabinet will advise and assist the President in which article?


Which writer was awarded the first ever Kumar Gold Medal?

Hariprasad Desai

When is World Dance Day celebrated?

April 29

World World Book Day is celebrated?

April 23

How many species of living things have been recorded in the whole world?

15 lakhs

What does the word public refer to in the word public administration?

A. Country,

B. State:

C. District

D Village

Which of the following spellings is correct?

A. Situation:

B. Situation

C. Situation

D. Situation

The river Aji flowing near Rajkot originates from which village?

A. Jasdan

B. Gondal

C. Atkot

D. Sardar

Samudra bhani upadya, kamarne kasi rangati – kaal olakho.

A. Past

B. The future

C. Present tense 2

D. Not every one

Where were the main crops of Indus civilization?

A. Wheat and barley

B. Wheat and mugs

C. Wheat and corn

D. Wheat and paddy

Which is the largest folk fair in Saurashtra?


B. Gores

C. Porbandar no

How long does it take to fully digest food?

A.48 hours

B.36 hours

C.6 Clock

D.12 hours

What are the varieties of Auratna, Hansa, Mussoorie, Kishna?

A. Rice

B. millet

C. corn

D. Potatoes

📌 What is included in the letter MICR

A. 4 special characters

B. 0-9 number

C. A&B

D. Not one

What is a common input device?

A. Mouse

B. scanner

C. Keyboard

D. Pinter

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Which award is given by UNESCO for protection of human rights?

A. Sakharov Prize

B. Manbooker Prize

C. Templeton Prize

D. Kalig Award

Approximately how many minerals are present in our body?





Why is the Civil Defense Act 1955 enacted?

A. For the protection of the citizen before the dolls

B. For the departure of the army


D. To protect democracy

E. None of these

Show the correct spelling below

A. Mahabhinishkraman

B. Mahabhinishkraman

C. Mahabhinishkraman

D. In Mahabhinishka

Find the misspellings below

A. Situation

B. Committee

C. limited

D. Kirti

Which of the following is a correctly spelled word?

A. Sorry

B. Sorry

C. Sorry

D. Apologies

Which of the following spellings is correct?

A. Situation

B. Situation

C. Situation

D. Situation

Which of the following words is spelled correctly?

A. Prerequisite

B. Prerequisite:

C. Prerequisite

D. Prerequisite


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