Police Bharti Online Quiz Test –6

n which article is the provision of reservation for various services and positions to SC / ST / OBC?

How many years was Gandhiji imprisoned during the non-cooperation movement?

6 years

By what name is the ashram of Saint Moraribapu known?

Kailash Ashram

What was the business of Saint Moraribapu?


When was the Asian Development Bank established?


Which Indian city is known as California?


What are diesel railway engines made in India?


What is the name of the book that publishes the list of endangered wildlife?

Red Book

Who was the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize in Science?

C.V. Raman

In which state is the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary located?


Who has performed most of the rituals in Rathyatra?

Narendra Modi

When is the Pushkar Fair held?

Kartak Sud Eleven to Poonam

Sonpur (Bihar) When is the cattle fair held?

Kartak Sud Agiyaras to Poonam

In which district is the famous temple of Angareshwar Mahadev located in the state of Gujarat?


Childka of Odisha and Pulika of Tamil Nadu __ are examples of lakes?

A. Lagoon

B. Freshwater

C. Volcanoes

D. cracked

Which scientist was the first to launch a rocket into space using liquid fuel?

A. Open Hymen

B. Robert H. Goddard

C. TH.Myman

D. Edwin Aldrin

Waterborne syndrome is caused by pollution of which elements?

A. Phosphorus

B. Sulfur

C. Arsonic

D. Nitrate

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How many talukas are there in Aravalli district?





Which district is located north of Mahisagar district?

A. Panchmahal

B. Dahod

C. Aravalli

D. Kheda

Who has the power to increase or decrease the list of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes?

A. Parliament

B. President

C. Vice President

D. Prime Minister

Under which article of the Constitution of India are government officials / employees protected in employment?

A. Article 302

B. Article 3112

C. Article 314

D. Article 310

Which cable serves fast?



C.Optical Fiber Cable


Where does deleted mail go?

A. Trash box

B. Draft

C. Forward

D. Save

Which of the following functions in any of the following conditions is true even if one of the conditions is true?

A. AND ()

B. OR ()

C. NOT ()

D. IF ()

One option can be used to name a cell or a cell area.

A. Insert / Name / Define

B. Insert / Cell / Name

C. Insert / Worksheet / Name

D. Not one

Show the correct spelling below

A. Mahabhinishkraman :.

B. Mahabhinishkraman

C. Mahabhinishkraman

D. Mahabhinishkaman

Find the misspellings below.

A. Situation

B. Committee

C. limited

D. Kirti

Which of the following spellings is correct?

A. University

B. University

C. University

D. University

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