Police Bharti Online Quiz Test –4

Which cover of the earth cannot be seen?


When was the ICC established?

15 June 1909

Who was known as the painter of the earth?

Khodidas Parmar

Who was the only saint to give a speech in Uno?

President Swami

Who is considered as Veda in Udasha?


Which port on the west bank of Kutch was submerged due to the earthquake of 16 June 1819 in Kutch?


Which river is called Asuri river?

The river that does not form a triangle

When is Malala Day celebrated?

12 July

Who was the President of the United States during the First World War?

Woodrow Wilson

When was the World Back founded?

July 1945

When is the fair of Madhavpur held?

Teras from Chaitra Sud Nom

In which state did the Kukka movement take place?


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In which city of Rajasthan is the fort of Junagadh located?


How many types of rhythms are there in dance?


By what other name is Devnimori known?

Bhojraj’s hill

When was TRAI founded?


RATRAI Give full name?

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Under which section fundamental rights can be suspended in case of emergency?
B. 2
D. 13

Who appoints a public prosecutor?
A. Chief Justice of the High Court
B State Government:
C sessions quota
D District Collector

The right to vote of an Indian citizen under the Constitution ……
. The civil is right
B. is a basic duty
C. Political rights are:
D. is a fundamental right
E. Not one

Which of the following pairs is invalid?
A. Petition Damani – Probably
B. Amrutlal Bhatt – Wounded
C. Umashankar Joshi – Vasuki
D. Abbas Wasi – Forester

Which fairs showcase tribal culture?
A. Fair of Shamlaji:
B. Fair of Bhavnath
C. Vautha Fair
D. Swimming Fair

Give a polite form of the word talpada -dhadho
A. bear,
B. At,
C. goat,
D. Bull

What is used to melt metals?
A. mica
B. Florespar
C. Sulfur
D. bauxite

Which pictures are drawn on the occasion of Nagpachami?
A. Kutchi painting
B. Pithora painting
C. Worli Painting:
D. Patkar Painting

According to which article of the Constitution the Inter-State Committee has been constituted?
A.Act 263
B.Act 264
C.Act 268
D.Act 260

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