Police Bharti Online Quiz Test –3

Which two Indian dignitaries have been the chairpersons of UNESCO?

Savapalli Radhakrishna and Maulana Azad

Atal Pension Scheme comes under which Ministry of Government of India?

Ministry of Finance

Which is the first country to remove GST?


What is the name of the magazine of RSS?


Name the unit for measuring the height of the sea


1 fatham = 6 feet

1 fathom = 1.8 m

The word “ganim”. What does it mean?


In which two districts is the Sabarmati ground formed?

Gadhinagar and Ahmedabad

What is the motto of Lok Sabha?

Dhammachak Paritnaya

What kind of literary creation is blood engagement?
A. Novel
B. Monologue
C. monologue drama monologue drama monologue
D. Novel

Who is considered as the father of Gujarati short stories?
A. Bholabhai Patel
B. Kakasaheb Kalelkar
C. Kakasaheb Kalelkar
D. Mohanbhai Patel

Who among the following is associated with the art of lacquer?
A Vitthaldas Bapodra
B Kanji brown barot
C Avinash diameter
D Abdul Gafoor Khatri

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Where was the bow of God placed in Sita’s Sayanvar?
A. Vishnu
B. Shriram
C. Shivaji 3
D. Krishna

What type of coal is known as brown coal?
A. Bituminous coal
B. Coke
C. lignite
D. anthracite

Which biomedical waste is collected in yellow bins?
A. Gloves
B. Dressing Materials:
C. Needle
D. Increased diet

When was the game reserve formed at Athol?


Which port is known as the largest liquid port in India?


Where is Dadi Kutir located in Gujarat?


Where is Gandhi Kutir located in Gujarat?


Which part of our eye first comes in contact with light?


At which place was Kanji Malan anchored?


The best conductor of electricity?


How long did the Portuguese live in Diu?


How many senses are there in the human body?


How many nautical miles are there from each other?


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