Police Bharti Online Quiz Test –2

What is the name of public administration in Hindi?

Public administration

From which language is the word ‘public administration’ derived?


In which state is the largest under bridge railway tunnel constructed and its length is how many km?

Andhra Pradesh (Length 4.5 km)

When was the Nehru Report presented to the Government?

10 August 1928

What is the eligibility clause for re-election as President?

Article 57

Who is the creator of the rich work of culture?

Kundanika Kapadia

What is the Dowry Prohibition Act?


Rocket Falls in Karnataka is located on which river?


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By what name is the Aluna Vrat performed by the girls of Gujarat in the month of Ashadh known?


When and by whom was the Independent Labor Party founded?

BR Abedkar in 1936

Who is the author of “Tari Aakhno Aphini” Pankit?

Venubhai Purohit

Who is the first musician from Gujarat?

Adityarai Vyas Junagadh

What is the name of Jagannath ji’s chariot?


When is International Day of Topics celebrated?

29 June

Who is the author of the book “Development of Indian Music”?

Amubhai Doshi

Who built the fort of Bharuch?


Gulbanki Chhand Na Praneta?


What was the name of Madam Bhikhaji Kama’s father?

A. Sorabji Feramji Parsi
B. Sorabji Feramji Patel:
C. Sorabji Feramji Jain
D. Sorabji Fermji Kama

Where is the temple of Phool Mata located?


Mera Ho Chagba is a festival of which state?


Who was the founder of Wig of Nations?

Woodrow Wilson

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