Police Bharti Online Quiz Test – 1

How many th Jayanti celebrations of Rabindranath Tagore?

Who recently took oath as Lokayukta of Arunachal Pradesh?
P.K. Saikia

Who has been appointed as the new President of Internet and Mobile Association of India?
Amit Agarwal

What is checked to measure blood pressure?

Which television series was based on the composition of Sharad Joshi?

What is the compound of Gharjamai?

Dera Durbar Garh murals are found in which district?

Whose surname is Vakradashi?
Madhushudan Parekh

In which state is the fair of martyrs held?

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Whose nickname is Alchemist?
Madhusudan Parekh

What are Dhaneti and Dhebaria?
The art of embroidery

Who called Goa a pimple on the face of India because of Portuguese rule?
Dr. Rammanohar Lohia

Who was Rande?
Plague Commissioner

Father of the American Constitution?
James Madison

Which water is controlled by endocrine through urine

Who was the Governor when Aravalli became a district?
Kamala Beniwal

What new scheme for daughters has been recently implemented by Gujarat Government?
Wahali Dikari Yojana

Nilka river flows in which district?

What are the types of magnets?

Which recent war games took place between India and France?

Noor, a poet who wrote works like Sipihar?
Rich Khusro

What is the world’s first super computer?

When is World Ocean Day celebrated?
8 June

Which temple in Gujarat has a branch of neem salt from ancient times?

In wich district is the Prabhas Patan Museum located?
Gir Somnath

The first state in India to start a health court?

The 2026 Winter Olympics will be held in one place.

How many universities are there in Gujarat?

Where is Ahmedabad’s Sewage Treatment Plant located?
Near Pirana

Whose nickname is Vavkal?
B.K. Thakor

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