PM Modi will do this today so that people’s happiness is not disturbed in Navratri and Diwali


Jandhan Andolan For COVID 19

Hello friends, welcome to our website. An important decision has been taken by the Government regarding the festivals. PM Modi believes that the festive season is coming in the country. More awareness is needed to prevent Corona’s case from escalating in this situation.

We would like to state here that whatever efforts are being made by Narendra Bhai Modi are being made in the interest of the people of India and will benefit everyone. It will be in the interest of everyone so the Modi government has asked everyone to wear a mask to celebrate the festival.

Everyone should wear a mask at festivals and at the end of the festival a certificate will be given to the people who have done the festival wearing masks and hence it is well recommended by the Government.

PM Modi’s tweet will appeal to people to wear masks, maintain social distance, launch a low cost-effective campaign with key messages on hand hygiene. 

The Modi government further said that if any person wearing a mask celebrates the festival, a certificate will be given to each person and everyone will be honored by it, so to get the certificate, you have to go to the website below and download the certificate.

Following the Prime Minister’s tweet, the Central Government Ministries, Departments and State Governments will take up the task and implement the scheme with a single pledge. The goal will be to stop its spread in the more coronary districts of Corona.

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