NYKS Volunteers Recruitment 2021| Notification

Any volunteer, deployed against any vacancy in between, should be deployed for the remaining period only, of that financial year (up to 31st March). This will ensure that from April, the whole system of NYV
the deployment will be as per financial year i.e. st April to 31st March.

b) For considering continuation of any volunteer in the 2 nd year, proposals along with details of specific achievements made by the particular NYVs may be placed before the NYV selection committee for ecessary decision.

Eligibility Cerita
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c) In case, the deployment process is delayed due to election code of conduct and other reasons, then the deployment should be made only up to the remaining part of the financial year i.e. up to 31st March, of that year. Further, in case, their term is extended in the 2nd year, the extension will be up to 31st March of the extended year or completion date of their 2nd year term whichever is earlier

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