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Inclusion of caste education in the study process: –

Objective: –

In this module, importance is given to girls’ education and empowerment. Preparations have been made to overcome the stereotypes and prejudices related to gender.

Content Outline: –

The introduction of gender in the whole module will explain the relationship of gender in various topics.
Introduction of Gender in the Study Study Process: –
Pro. A glimpse of the content included in the module was given by Miliroy Anand with an understanding of gender.
Understanding gender and its consequences in the education process: –
Gender should not be discriminated against in the class, gender should not only be male and female but transgender should also be recognized as the third sex.

Activity: – II

The story of Raju’s study, the questions for discussion Case Study – Chila current stereotype for appearance

  • This is the story of Rakesh and Mihir
  • Questions for discussion
  • Transformation in children – Explain the qualities of man and woman
  • Physical Fitness – Ingredients: Strength

. Endurance, flexibility, flexibility
Quality 1: –
Sensitivity: –
Sensitivity means trying to understand ideas through literal and non-literal behavior

Identifying Conservative Characteristics: –
This activity was to distinguish the characteristics seen in males and females by different symptoms.

Qualities and skills required to provide a healthy environment in school and classroom: –
Health and wellness in school
Objective: –
This module introduces the process of developing health oriented healthy attitudes and behaviors in all children, including children with special needs.
Content Outline: –
The concept of health well-being
Physical development
Safety and security in schools

Gender Media Picture Analysis: –

Gender friendly as well as conservative are the two types of concepts.

Activity-2: –
Let’s think: –

Through the picture given here, I thought that in every ઔ ૫ charik or school program, flowers are greeted by the students only? Gender can be seen in it

Gender Matters through Teaching of Languages: –

  • To be sensitive about gender in pronouns
  • Special explanation was given by the occasion of Raja Rani
  • To use language that eliminates caste discrimination and prejudice in the class.

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