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National initative for school Head’s and Teacher’s holistic advancement

Concept: –

As a teacher we need to be aware of all these things in order to prepare ourselves and our children for a healthier future. Every child has the right to experience opportunities to realize his inner strengths.
The main purpose of this module is to know and strengthen the strengths and weaknesses of the child.
What is physical development?

  1. Physical Growth and Development: –

This should take care of the child’s physical growth in stages. Her parents should also be informed

. Mental Development: –

: – Different stages of life
The child’s changes do not happen all at once.

. Age based myths / beliefs

  • This is the story of Rakesh and Mihir
  • Questions for discussion
  • Transformation in children – Explain the qualities of man and woman
  • Physical Fitness – Ingredients: Strength

. Endurance, flexibility, flexibility
Quality 1: –
Sensitivity: –
Sensitivity means trying to understand ideas through literal and non-literal behavior

Merit: – 2
Reliability, understanding and development: –
The key to ensuring a student-teacher relationship is that the student perceives the class not only in school but as a person.
Safe and healthy school environment: –

  • What have you done for the safety of the school?
  • Child Helpline Service Pokso Act Protection of children from sexual offenses

Portfolio Activity: –

Observe a week based on an understanding of personal social qualities when you react to an action.

References: –

NISHTAHA Report: –

.Craft of Sutevo

Higher Primary Stages: – (Gho 6 to 8)
The following attempts can be made here

  1. Advancing academic achievement using study skills
    . Cultivate friendships with other students in the school.
    . Use and understanding of educational resources
    . To encourage the student to get the answer by solving the puzzles

Qualities and skills required to provide a healthy environment in school and classroom: –
Health and wellness in school
Objective: –
This module introduces the process of developing health oriented healthy attitudes and behaviors in all children, including children with special needs.
Content Outline: –
The concept of health well-being
Physical development
Safety and security in schools

For the understanding of personal social qualities.

Quiz: –

Curriculum and inclusive classroom training research is given in Quiz-1, Quiz-2, Quiz-2 and Quiz-2

Congratulations: –

Congratulations on completing the course. Contact the CRC for a better understanding response and a congratulatory certificate is issued.

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