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National initative for school Head’s and Teacher’s holistic advancement


Development of personal social qualities as well as creation of healthy school environment: –

Objective: –

Contemplation of students’ personal social qualities in school
Understanding the development of individual social qualities
Mental health, including well-being, safety and the right environment

Content Outline: –

The individual social qualities of a social development student and the problem for its development
Sensitivity and care, reliability, positive attitude, health well-being and emotional well-being

Introduction: –

  1. સમજ Understanding the perspective
    . Personal social qualities
    . Build such a school for the development of individual social qualities

Personal social qualities for creating a safe and healthy school environment: –

In the 21st century virtual world, there are many opportunities to communicate. Therefore, the opportunities for communication with the world have become very limited, so it is very difficult to create communication opportunities among the students.
Teachers and students have started accepting 5 virtual classrooms, online virtual learning.

Understanding about the student: –

Preliminary Stages: – (Gho 1 to 2)

The following attempts can be made here

  1. Easy combination in education in home or kindergarten environment
    . Interact with school as well as school people
    . Taking responsibility for academic work
    . To cultivate physical, emotional, awareness, to cultivate its spirit

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