Nishtha Talim Module 1 Word File Download

Nishtha Talim Module 1 Word File

Acceptance of diversity in the classroom: –

Adopt a variety of activities in the classroom to educate every juicy child to enjoy the justice he or she enjoys.

Animal School: –

Enlightenment story to respond to the classroom process: –

A beautiful legend has been told about the rabbit, the duck and the crippled eagle, then here is the link to respond.

See yourself as a learner: –

Contemplate this notion as you interact with others

Addressing diversity in the classroom: –

Organize diversity in the classroom and have a positive attitude
To encourage children to consider UDL

Availability of school curriculum: –

The NCERT initiative has been extensively discussed

Instructions for creating inclusive classrooms: –

There is a wide range of discussions and information on how to help incapacitated children with disabilities by tackling the difficulty of teaching children in need of teacher skills.

Portfolio Activity: –

Ncf 2005 Fellowship for a variety of academic disciplines to teach and evaluate inclusive classrooms for teaching and evaluation

References: –

For the inclusive classroom and curriculum, video call 3, understanding of education, response and special kind of overview have been made.

Quiz: –

Curriculum and inclusive classrooms are given Quiz-1, Quiz-2 and Quiz-2 for training research.

Congratulations: –

Congratulations on completing the course. Contact the CRC for a better understanding response and a congratulatory certificate is issued.

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