Nishta Talim Module 17 Word FileDownload

Nishta Talim Module 17 Word File

The time table created by the government here is given below in our post and the teacher friends who do not know the time table can download the time table of NISHTAHA training from the link given below.

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Hello friends, welcome to our website. We are here to provide information about the NISHTAHA training organized by the Government.

Activity-1 Precautions during an epidemic

Thus giving an understanding of precaution during an epidemic through 11 questions.

What are the challenges for school education in terms of ovid 19?

Activity – 2 Prevention is better

Here’s an understanding of prevention through two youtube links.

Ensuring safe schools

Here Shraddha Dilip Diwal gave an understanding in English language and a lot of considerations are needed to reopen the schools after the school is closed by the test PDF.

Activity – 3 responses

Write here in the browser once to respond to the blog given in it which did

Activity – 4 Share your thoughts

Here also step 1 ૨ લ was written in the browser to respond to the blog expressed

How to overcome the challenges for school education? How to ensure a safe school environment?

Challenges of school education

We know that prevention is better than cure and the challenges and worries of reopening a school.

Ensuring school safety

Ensuring a safe environment in the school so that no one is infected with the virus is everyone’s concern and responsibility. Pre-preparation before opening schools.


The summary gives a chart of Challenges School Education which will give us an understanding of various challenges.

Portfolio activity

Portfolio Activity Covid – The activity of preparing an action plan for a safe school during the 19th

Additional resources

Here are some specific resources that are useful.

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