Motivational Quotes About Life

“Women are the ones who challenge the status quo since we’re never.”

“We don’t sit around and watch other people. We make things our own, and we make.”

“Think like a queen. Queens aren’t scared to fail. Failure is yet another step towards the top.”

“The most powerful thing you can do for a woman is to cherish herself, be who she is, and shine before people who didn’t believe she was capable of.”

“Whenever you spot an attractive woman, keep your eyes out for three males who will go to the extreme to stop her.”

“The most important thing women need to understand is that no one has the power to make you powerful. It’s all you have to do is accept it. “

“No woman would like to be submissive to a man who’s not completely in submission towards God!”

“A funny woman is a precious treasure. attractive beauty with wit is a force.”

“When a woman is her self-made best friend, life gets simpler.”

“If you’d like to hear something said, talk to a man or if you need something done, talk to for a woman.”

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