Nishtha Talim Module 14 Word File Download


Module 14 Shala Shikshanma Pahel Word file Download

An understanding was given of the approaches for setting up a Nutrition Garden, the Ministry of Food, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Fellow Dialogue Competition, etc.

The current major challenges in the implementation of this initiative and its possible solution activity were given.

The entire module took training in which the given components pre-primary education library and sports inclusive education other teacher school safety overview that we understand well we will implement it at school level as well as planning distribution textbook uniform transport grant etc. also get good understanding where blog response There is an understanding of middaymeal and also an understanding of its new approach. Thus, at the end of the entire module, this module will be very useful in school education and administration.

The Department of Education and Literacy focuses on the major initiatives taken by MHRD to improve the quality of schools and teachers and also includes teacher education. Is.

We often take the initiative in providing school education and teacher training services that have helped us improve.

The Department of School Education and Literacy focuses on major initiatives undertaken by the MHRD Department to improve the quality of school education.

MHRT launched an important program in 2018 from pre-primary to Std-12 with the aim of improving school performance to measure school education in terms of clay eyesight and full opportunities in school time.

The purpose of the assessment was to give an understanding of the society as well as the assessment of children.

Involvement and development of parents and community through the same video and trust gave Madam Ritu an understanding in English.

What is pre-primary education? Why? how? An understanding in the form of a chart was given to explain this.

This module provides an overview of pre-primary education, what is pre-primary education, why it is important, how a child learns, what kind of pedagogy is required for the holistic development of children, and how to organize extreme pictures and schedules throughout the day. It is beautifully presented in this temple which we will use effectively at the school level.

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