Kindness Quotes

  • “Sometimes it only takes the act of kindness and compassion to transform a person’s outlook on life.”
  • “You can do with kindness what you can’t achieve with force.”
  • “Kindness is a motivation. We are made kind through being compassionate.”
  • “We aren’t able to assist everyone, but we all can assist someone else.”
  • “Kindness starts with understanding that we all must struggle.”
  • “No gesture of generosity, however tiny, ever goes unnoticed.”
  • “Without the feeling of caring it is impossible to have a sentiment of being part of a community.”
  • “Kindness of women and not just their gorgeous looks will earn my affection.”
  • “If you are possessed to show kindness, you should act upon it.”
  • “A kind gesture is due to be returned with more of a hand.”
  • “Act with kindness, but don’t be expecting to receive a reward.”
  • “If you are able to be anything, do it with kindness”
  • “Be friendly to strangers. Be kind regardless of the circumstances.”
  • “Be considerate whenever it is possible. It’s always possible”
  • “Kind individuals are among the most wonderful kinds of persons”