All subjects, meals, books, education, teaching literature and uniforms are provided free of cost in this Navodaya Vidyalaya.

The main objective of Navodaya Vidyalaya is to find the bright children of the village and give them proper education and encourage them. For this, Navodaya Vidyalaya has been established in every district for the benefit of the children of all the districts.

Gujarati Quiz 2

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When you look at the clear front at night you see thousands of stars twinkling in the distance. Looking at the stars, it seems that no one has stuck them in the sky? Sometimes you may wonder how the stars would live in the same place. Why not fall down? The truth is that the stars are not really fixed in one place. As the Earth and the other eight planets revolve around the Sun in its own orbit. The stars also move slowly in their orbits. You feel the stars frozen in one place because you can’t see them moving. Because it is thousands of kilometers away from us. We feel stationary in one place even when it is moving. In addition there is a force which we call the force of gravity. Which is why the stars remain in their orbits and do not collide with each other.

1 What do you see in the clear sky at night?
The stars slowly move in an orbit
The planet rotates in their orbit
The stars twinkle in the distant sky
The stars appear very close to each other

2 What amazing truth is mentioned in this paragraph?

The stars are stuck in the sky.
The stars are not fixed in one place.
The planets revolve around the sun.
The force of gravity keeps the stars in place.

3 We cannot see the stars moving because ….He is far from us.
It’s flickering.
Gravity burns it in one place.
The night sky is not clear.

4 It prevents them from colliding with each other. This sentence means ‘it’

The sun
Big distance
Force of gravity

Because 5 stars move in their own orbit

The distance between them.
Do not fall down.
Slow motion.
Force of gravity

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