All subjects, meals, books, education, teaching literature and uniforms are provided free of cost in this Navodaya Vidyalaya.

The main objective of Navodaya Vidyalaya is to find the bright children of the village and give them proper education and encourage them. For this, Navodaya Vidyalaya has been established in every district for the benefit of the children of all the districts.


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Before going to write on the gallows, a thief said that he wanted to meet the king. Because he has shown the king an important thing. When he was taken to the king, he said that he knew how to grow trees that bear fruit of gold. The king and his courtiers were anxious to know if what the thief had said could be true. The thief said that such a tree can grow only when an honest person does it. He then asked the king to plant a tree. Neither the king, nor his prime minister, nor his courtiers turned out to be honest enough to plant a tree. Clearly, they were all dishonest. So the king forgave the thief.

  1. The king’s courtiers were curious to know about the golden fruit tree
  • He was greedy.
  • Wanted to be rich.
  • He wanted to know if the thief was telling the truth.
  • They all wanted to prove him wrong.

2. The thief told the king that such a tree can grow only when …

  • Make him a courtier.
  • The king imposes.
  • That thief puts it on.
  • No honest person comes.

3. No one was willing to plant a tree because ……..

  • No one was dishonest.
  • All were dishonest.
  • The king was dishonest.
  • The thief was dishonest.

4. So the king forgave the thief, here forgiveness means.

  • Sued
  • Punished
  • Sorry
  • Refused

5. Is the appropriate title for the paragraph

  • The thief and the king.
  • A tree.
  • Golden fruit bearing tree.
  • The story of a king.

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