All subjects, meals, books, education, teaching literature and uniforms are provided free of cost in this Navodaya Vidyalaya.

The main objective of Navodaya Vidyalaya is to find the bright children of the village and give them proper education and encourage them. For this, Navodaya Vidyalaya has been established in every district for the benefit of the children of all the districts.

Gujarati Quiz 1

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Recently an uncle of my mother came to our house .He is a retired colonel and a kind of nature plaintiff .I started talking to him about birds and he told me an interesting story. His garden has a green field with a tall tree on one side. In the shade of these trees neither grass grows nor flowers. That’s why he decided they would cut them. Little did anyone know that a pair of crows had built their nest on a tree. When the twigs fell to the ground, the wreath and the egg fell to pieces. The crow and the crow, not satisfied with making themselves a hobby of loss, declared revenge. Then for several weeks when anyone appeared around the garden, crows attacked them with their beaks and claws. It flew like a small fighter jet and sometimes bleed,

What is the synonym for attack in paragraph 1?
Cut, break, mourn the invasion

2 Uncle’s nature being plaintiff

He cut down the trees,
The crows attacked them,
They did not like flowers in the garden,
He talked about crows

3 There is a word in the paragraph for ‘run’

Giving, making, having, cutting

4 Uncle thought to cut down the trees because

There was not enough sunlight for the plants to grow
Was disturbed by the crow
It was naturalism
Those trees had grown very tall

5 crows have been compared
From flowers and trees
From fighter planes
From father and mother
With beak and claw


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