How are Bridges built on Water?

Bridges built on Water

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Let me tell you that you know how a big bridge that passes through the sea, river, and big lakes will be built in water. If a bridge is built in water, where will the water in the place where the bridge is built go? All your questions will be solved by watching the video shown in this post. 

If you watch this video, your general knowledge will increase and you will also know how to build a bridge in the water. People who need skilled engineers to build a bridge in water first measure the depth of water then measure the length of the bridge and finally plan the bridge by checking the weight of the bridge and the weight of the equipment running on it. 
The plan is first prepared in a computer and then printed and given to the artisans to work accordingly. See friends if you have found something new through this post let us know by commenting in this post and also join our WhatsApp group.

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