Recover deleted messages & status download WhatsApp from your Android device

Deleted message and status recovery Install WhatsApp on your Android phone.
Retrieve deleted messages and status updates!

How irritating is it when your pals erase messages before you can read them?
Curiosity takes control. You’ve just discovered the answer: WAMR!

The tool you were searching for is WAMR. You can recover both text messages and any media attachments (including animated gifs, stickers, voice notes, and videos) using only one tool!
You may now download Statuses as well! using just one app!

On your smartphone, messages are encrypted so WAMR cannot access them directly.
The only option is to read them from the alerts you get and then backup your messages using the history of your notifications.
You will see a notice as soon as WAMR realises a message has been erased!

Please be advised that there isn’t a recognised method for recovering deleted communications. This is a workaround that could run into restrictions brought on by the Android OS or even the messaging app that has been chosen:
1) Since text messages are retrieved by your notifications, WAMR is unable to store them if you have silenced a chat or are already reading a message on the messaging app before it is destroyed. Also, this obviously means that any notifications or messages received before to downloading this programme cannot be recovered.

2) WAMR may have been killed by Android if messages aren’t being stored. Please take WAMR out of any services that optimise batteries!

3) WAMR cannot save incompletely downloaded files! So, WAMR can’t do anything to save the message if you are offline, have a shaky connection, or, more generally, if the sender deletes the message containing a media before the messaging app downloads it.

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4) Your messaging app’s settings may prevent some media from being downloaded automatically if you aren’t utilising a WiFi connection. You can improve your odds by altering this behaviour in the Messaging app’s Settings > Data and storage use.

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