Karnataka Grama One: Registration, Center List, Services & Charges

Grama One Center for Karnataka

Villagers can benefit from all of the government-related programs and services at the Karnataka gram franchise center, which also has an online service portal. The communities will undoubtedly benefit from this center. Government banking is just one of the many services that may be accessible through this online gateway; it can even be done locally, such as at the village level. These facilities are operated throughout the state of Karnataka to provide a wide range of important services for rural areas that are struggling economically.

The completion of this project and its success have eliminated the necessity for the villagers to visit any government offices at any level of the district. Seva Sindhu services, RTI services, CMRF services, micro banking services, Aadhar updates, and Sakala services will be offered through Grama One Centers are just a few of the services covered by this program.

The Karnataka Chief Minister started this on January 17, 2022, with the goal of bringing services from various departments to the door of a single location. It is rapidly moving from one hamlet to the next because of a lack of understanding about it. By 2022, the entire state of Karnataka will have adopted it; it has already been implemented in 12 districts of the state. When that time comes, the 300-grama-one center will be officially opened by the government.

Karnataka Grama One Overview

Scheme NameKarnataka Grama One
Launch Date17th of January 2022
Launch ByCm of Karnataka
StateKarnataka State Only
BeneficiariesCitizens of Karnataka
Services Banking, RTI Queries, G@C services

Grama One’s Goals

The main goal of the program’s creation was to aid rural communities in the state of Karnataka with a range of necessary services, such as banking, RTI, and others. so that they can come together under one roof to find a single solution to all of their many concerns rather than having to look elsewhere in various districts for various solutions.

Benefits of the Karnataka Grama One Center

There are many advantages to this program, some of which are listed below:

  • The Karnataka State Government creates Grama One Centers specifically for village dwellers.
  • Villagers won’t have to go to government offices and buildings at different district levels to get their problems fixed thanks to the help of the centers that will be distributed at the village level.
  • Villagers will save time and money by avoiding unnecessary travel between locations.
  • Every day of the week, the center will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • No longer will people require a middleman’s services.
  • As part of the program, several knowledgeable operators assist locals or communities in using and comprehending the many offerings.
  • About 100 services related to the departments of revenue, food, health, and labor would be offered by the Grama One service center. Both constant electricity and internet connection are available at these locations.

Karnataka Grama One Centre Applications

This program only accepts qualified applicants. Recent news reports say the Karnataka government is growing and strengthening its huge network of centers and sites across the state. Thus, qualifying communities must approach local authorities for Grama Centre franchises. Karnataka residents can become franchisees and dealerships using this programme. They will provide service eligibility details after arriving.

Update on Your Karnataka One-Track Grama Application

  • Launch the main page.
  • It will take you straight to the homepage.
  • Update on Your Karnataka Grama One-Track Application
  • You can now check the standing of your application right from the webpage.
  • Please enter your application number to view the progress of your request with the Revenue Department.
  • It’s important to note that you’ll need to repeat the process of clicking the “track your application progress” option if you want to check the status of your application in any other division.
  • Fill in the appropriate information and select the option to keep tabs on things.
  • The window with the information pops up.

Check Out the Local Grama One Service Center

  • Launch the main page.
  • It will take you straight to the homepage.
  • Select the Service Centers link on the main menu.
  • When you click this, a new window will pop up on your screen.
  • The screen will then display information on each town center, broken down by the village.

Review Available Services Checklist

  • Launch the main page.
  • It will take you straight to the homepage.
  • At this point, please select the Services List link from the homepage menu.
  • If you click this, a new window will load.
  • All of the portal’s services, organized by department, will be listed on this page.
  • When you click on a certain division, you’ll be sent to a page with all of that division’s information.