Dharitree Assam 2023: View ILRMS Land Record Online Jamabandi, Map

Assamese can view land records on Dharitri Assam. Revenue and Disaster Management manages this online land record portal. Land revenue was one of Assam’s initial departments, created in 1874. A user can search the land registration online in the Dharitri Assam Portal. We’ll explore the Dharitri Assam website’s portal and services in this article.

Dharitree 2022

Revenue and Disaster Management created this land-related website. On October 7, 2021, Assam launched Dharitree. Site users can register, modify, browse, and maintain land records. Record management involves correct land records. Opacity, delayed updates, corruption, and public harassment have hampered manual record-keeping. The State Government created an internet-integrated land records administration system to connect the Revenue Circle, Sub-registrar, Deputy Commissioners, and Director of Land Records.

The Land Records System includes a web application for updating land records (Dharitri), an online property registration system (e-Panjiyan), and an online land revenue collection system. These four systems can communicate to maximize revenue department efficiency, clarity, and accountability.

Dharitri connects sections, sub-registrars, circle offices, land records directorates, and deputy commissioners. Dharitri Assam has streamlined land registration in the state and removed all impediments. The site currently has 26,000 scanned papers. More data will be digitized soon.

Dharitree Assam Land Record Overview

NameDharitree Assam 
UnderRevenue and Disaster Management Department
Contact and address+91-361-2237273, office of the director of land records and surveys etc. Assam,Rupnagar, Guwahati-32

Goals for Dharitree Assam

The Dharitri platform in Assam is multifunctional, serving four purposes:

  • Current Assam property data is available online.
  • No-objection certificates for real estate are mandated by Section 21A of the Registration Act.
  • Property registration in the United States can now be done electronically by citizens.
  • Taxes on land ownership can now be collected digitally.

The Dharitree Records of Assam

  • NOC Jamabandi or Assam Land Records are other names for the No Objection Certificate.
  • In Assam, the Bhunaksha is the digital version of the cadastral map.
  • Controlling the Application Review Procedure Updating and properly filing away Assam’s antiquated land documents.
  • reducing the cost of Jamabandi Assam upgrades, registrations, transfers, and maintenance.
  • quickly and easily disseminating land documents to the right authorities.

Assam Dharitree Service

Dharitri, Assam Offers Numerous Services to Local Residents.

Dharitri Assam’s website features a wide range of customer-focused offerings, such as…

  • You need to issue it and keep an eye on it.
  • Keep up-to-date digital land records.
  • Use the Dharitree Assam-supplied web interface to electronically register the property.
  • It’s a web-based service for acquiring rent payments from landowners.

Dharitree, Assam, Factors to Verify

  • To some extent, the Dag number can be compared to the UID provided by Aadhar. There is a Khasra or dag number assigned to every parcel of land. The Dag number is the only way to look up a person’s khasra number in Assam. Dag numerals are used in Assamese land documents. View information about the property’s owners, its registered area, and its adjacent properties.
  • Patta Number: Documentation of Property Rights. It’s what’s signed when a property owner rents out their land. The transfer of land in Assam is now official with this number.
  • The patidars possess most of the land in Assam.

Dharitree Assam Land Registry Verification Procedure

First, access the Assam land registry database using its official website, Dharitri Assam.

  • Land Records (also known as Jamabandi Assam) can be accessed directly from the homepage. The Proceed button must be selected.
  • Once the new page loads, select the desired district from the drop-down menu, then the desired circle, and lastly the desired town name.
  • Dharitree Assam Property Document
  • To proceed, please enter the Captcha code and dag number and then click the Search button. You can further narrow your search by selecting to look for a specific Patta or Pattadar number. Select the Patta number option and type in the Patta number (or Pattadar number, if applicable) using the on-screen virtual keyboard. To do a search, select the option titled “Search.”
  • Next, the screen will display all data found in Assam’s official land documents. Included will be information such as lease number, leaseholder information, lot number, municipal tax, patta kind, remarks, and more.

Online Circle Office of Dharitree, Assam

  • If you need information on taxes or managing disasters in Assam, the state government’s website is the place to look.
  • In the “How do I Head” box, select “Know my Circle Office.”
  • Select Circle Officers’ Names from the list that appears on the left side of the screen once the new page loads. A Microsoft Excel file will be made available for download. By opening the file, you may confirm the neighboring office.

Assam Dharitree Mutation Checking Process

Methods for Testing the Mutation Property of Assam:

  • Address your mail to the commissioner of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation. The Deputy GMC Commissioner will personally deliver the letter.
  • In order to verify property mutation, a payment of Rs.100 is required via cheque or DD.
  • Finally, within a few days, collect the necessary paperwork to prove the mutation.