Hard Work Quotes

  • “If you put in the effort and work You can accomplish anything.”
  • “If you don’t work hard Nothing grows except weeds.”
  • “Do more than it was yesterday.”
  • “The hard work required is an essential component in determining and perfecting a plan or in the execution of it.”
  • “Luck is good, but the majority of life is difficult work.”
  • “Do your best and you’ll receive what you want; work harder to achieve what you want.”
  • “It’s not about connections or money It’s about the desire to work hard and learn from anyone.”
  • “I’m a firm faith-based person, and I’ve found that the more I work, the greater chance I am able to make use of it.”
  • “They are just good intentions until they turn into the work of.”
  • “The majority of effort is hidden in the prettiest things.”

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