Gujarat Group Janata Accident Vidyadeep Insurance Scheme

Regarding Gujarat Janata Accident Vidyadeep Insurance Scheme

Good decisions are being made day by day by the government during the ongoing Koro epidemic. Vidyadeep Yojana is currently being emphasized by Sekarshree for the middle class with children in mind. In this scheme, children will be given in case of accidental death. Here is detailed information about the people who will get the benefit of this scheme and what rules will be applicable for availing the benefits of this scheme.

Form showing list of causes of accidental death under Vidyadeep insurance scheme

The cause of accidental death

1- By drowning

2- Falling from top to bottom

3- In case of a lightning accident

4- From other injuries

5- Coming in contact with a toxic substance

6- In case of a train accident

7- Being burdened/being mentally burdened

8- Electric soot circuit

9- Head injury

10- Natural death

11- Snake or Jerry animal bite

12- In case of vehicle accident

13- Being killed

The benefit of this scheme will be available only if the child has died under the above circumstances


Police case / FIR / Inquiry Commission / Copy of Aadhaar card / Student ID card / Copy of Aadhaar card of the guardian / Affidavit of stamp paper prescribed specimen of Rs.100 / Ayat in the above form Pvt. The proposal with Shi’s a signature/coin should be sent in two (2) copies.

A student who dies from other diseases such as diphtheria is not eligible for assistance.

If there is cultivable land in the name of the deceased / guardian in case of accidental death, then a certificate with a round seal should be obtained on the letter pad of the Talati / Panchayat office and a proposal should be made in the district agriculture. In which Rs. 2,00,000 / – is eligible for assistance. So this matter will not have to be proposed by the office here.

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