Gujarat Education Service Class 2 Examination Provisional Answer Key Announced

GPSC Gujarat Educational Service Class 2 Answer Key 2021

Advt.No: 125 / 2019-20

Exam Date- 24/01/2021

Click on the link below to download the Provisional Answer Key

(1) All the suggestion should be submitted in prescribed format of suggestion sheet Physically.

(2) Question wise suggestion to be submitted in the prescribed format (Suggestion Sheet) published on the website.

(3) All suggestions are to be submitted with reference to the Master Question Paper with provisional answer key (Master Question Paper), published herewith on the website. Objections should be sent referring to the Question, Question No. & options of the Master Question Paper.

(4) Suggestions regarding question nos. and options other than provisional answer key (Master Question Paper) shall not be considered.

(5) Objections and answers suggested by the candidate should be in compliance with the responses given by him in his answer sheet. Objections shall not be considered, in case, if responses given in the answer sheet /response sheet and submitted suggestions are differed.

(6) Objection for each question shall be made on separate sheet. Objection for more than one
question in single sheet shall not be considered & treated as cancelled.

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