Good news for India 24 mobile manufacturing companies ready to come to India


In view of the current strained relations between India and China, the Indian government has banned some items imported from China and stopped trade between the two countries. In which the trade of electronics items like mobiles, TVs, etc. is banned.

Putting a rock on so many of these items has reduced the business of these electronics manufacturing companies a lot and so they have lost a lot in doing business and still continue to lose. Thus, the harassment of these companies in China is increasing day by day and due to this harassment, about 24 companies are ready to come to do business in India.

Which includes these companies




The above-mentioned companies supply raw materials to big companies like Apple and Samsung and these companies have lost faith in China. So 24 such companies are preparing to come to India to do business. Coming to India by such companies can benefit India a lot. These companies can create more than 1 million jobs. Because of these vacancies, many unemployed youth can get a job.

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