God Quotes

  • “God does not end anything on an unfavorable note; God always ends on a positive.”
  • “God will not grant you the things you would like… He provides the opportunity to fulfill our desires.”
  • “God is our strength and refuge. An ever-present help when we are in trouble, and we should not be afraid.”
  • “The person who claims I’m not in a bind… has never heard from God that is there for him.”
  • “God can transform alcohol into the water, however, he’s unable to make your whining sound like anything else.”
  • “Don’t say to your God the size of your storm. is. Tell your storm how big God is.”
  • “If you are all you can think about, God is always up to something.”
  • “God has everything happen to fulfill a purpose.”
  • “A life that is not centered around God will be like an unhoned pencil. It has no point.”
  • “If you follow God You will always get to your destination.”

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