Former Disney actor Maitland Ward denounces the alleged dark underbelly of Hollywood


Disney star Maitland Ward has spoken out against Hollywood, claiming that leaving the industry’s historic center was the best decision she ever made. The actor, who starred in “Boy Meets World” from 1999 to 2001, decided to leave Hollywood in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.

Some say that the seedy side of Hollywood can be seen in “Rated X,” Maitland Ward’s candid memoir.

For example, Maitland claims that producers at the studio asked her to try on lingerie on multiple occasions while she was working there. In her new book, she admits that she wasn’t completely comfortable with her body at the time, but that it was exciting to have all attention focused on her skin and bones.

She added that she had two handlers in the form of publicists and that they would dictate her every move. She wore skintight outfits while on set, but when she did it for herself, people said she was desperate even if she was just trying to look cute.

She claimed that one publicist told her she was too beautiful to make a living as a celebrity. She was asked to delete photos from her Instagram account, including those of her in a swimsuit, because they made her appear desperate.

She said that if it weren’t for her fans and for social media at the beginning where she could express herself honestly, she wouldn’t have the fame and audience she has now or the career she enjoys.

She said she has a new perspective and it’s eerie to think that the painful and baffling events she experienced at the time were unnecessary.