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Epidemic / Schools opened and 62 teachers’ corona reports positive tremors, find out where the incident happened

In Nashik district of Maharashtra, schools for 9th to 12th standard students have been opened since Monday for the last seven months. However, just before the start of duty, 62 teachers were shocked by the positive corona.
School opens in Nashik Korona blast 62 teachers Korona positive

The school was announced to open in January

Classes 9 to 12 have been started in about 846 out of 1,324 schools in rural and urban areas, the local administration has announced.

62 teachers came positive

The announcement said 1,21,579 students came to the school. RT-PCR screening of 7,063 principals and teachers and 2,500 non-academic staff was conducted before the school opened, of which 62 principals and teachers and 10 non-teaching staff were infected with the corona virus.

Schools and colleges were also opened in Bihar

Various educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities have opened in Bihar since Monday. Educational institutions in the state were closed about nine months ago after the Kovid-19

epidemic. It seems that with a reduction in the number of new cases of corona virus and a recovery rate of 97.61 per cent, there is confidence in physical rehabilitation in educational institutions in the state.

However, classes will be taken with half of the total students and other guidelines on corona virus will have to be strictly followed, Education Department chief secretary Sanjay Kumar said on Sunday.

In this state, school lasts only half a day
Apart from this, schools have also been opened in Pondicherry and education will be conducted in schools for only half a day as per government guidelines. In Jharkhand, schools have been opened for 10th and 12th standard as board exams will be held in a few months.

In Arunachal Pradesh, the government has opened schools for children from standard 8 to 11. Std. Schools were open in November for 10th and 12th. Months later the schools are now working regularly.

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