e Sadhana: wdcw.ap.gov.in Login for Women Development & Child Welfare

The Andhra Pradesh government created the e Sadhana platform to benefit children and women in the state. E-Sadhana, Andhra Pradesh’s online site, was built by the Department of Women’s Development and Child Welfare. Wdcw.ap.gov.in lets residents check many services on their phones or PCs. Every budget favors women and children. Like other programs, E Sadhna aids mothers and children. The Department of Women, Children, Disabled, and Seniors runs it. Qualified state residents get e-Sadhana. Discussing e-Sadhana services. Today, we’ll discuss the Portal’s services and benefits.

AP e Sadhana

The Sadhana (AP) website was created by the Andhra Pradesh Department of Women’s Development and Child Welfare. The common citizens of the state will benefit from these websites. Anganwadi for Women and Child Development, Poshan Abhiyaan, Web MPR, and the Recruitment System are only a few of the services that will be made available to citizens online through this platform. The e-Sadhana portal’s services are available to residents of Andhra Pradesh who access them through the designated websites. People living in the area will breathe a sigh of relief once they realize how much time and money they can save by taking advantage of the many services available to them online.

Furthermore, the plan will have access to a number of facilities related to the development of women and children without requiring them to leave their homes. Anganwadi, POSHAN Abhiyaan, Web MPR, E Sadhna Login, and the AWW/AWH Recruitment System are just a few of the many services relating to the development of women and children that are available through the E Sadhna Andhra Pradesh Portal.

wdcw.ap.gov.in Overview

Portal namee Sadhana Portal AP
Launched ByThe Government of Andhra Pradesh
BeneficiariesWomen And Children Living In Both The States
Application ModeOnline
ObjectiveEnsuring The Development And Welfare Of Women And Children
Official Websitewdcw.ap.gov.in

The e Sadhana Aims for the Advanced Placement Exam

To better serve pregnant women and their infants, a new online portal called E sadhana is being developed. State residents will breathe a sigh of relief once online services are made available to them, as they will be able to save significant amounts of time and money by using these services. In addition, people can take advantage of a variety of other resources related to the growth of women and children without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

AP Services by Sadhana

Many services are accessible on the Andhra Pradesh Online E Sadhana Portal, including:

  • Applications, management information systems, tracking systems, recruitment systems, data pertaining to anganwadis, RRS, etc.

Positive Effects of Sadhana Activity Plans

Numerous resources are available through the e Sadhana AP Portal.

  • These entry points were designed with the needs of women, individuals with disabilities, young people, and the elderly in mind.
  • In addition, the portal houses the Anganwadi Information System.
  • A nutrition initiative’s dashboard can be found on E-Sadhana.
  • This website also provides convenient mobile apps for its customers.
  • The portal includes resources for education and advocacy in areas like health, nutrition, vaccines, dietary supplements, and more.

How to Apply for Advanced Placement in Sadhana

  • First and foremost, you must visit the canonical webpage.
  • Soon, the website’s front page will appear on your screen.
  • Submission of an Application for Advanced Placement in Sadhana
  • To sign up, go to the homepage and click the Mise Sadhana link. This will take you to a new page.
  • When you reach the new page, you’ll have a variety of options from which to choose. Choose MIS from the drop-down menu, and a new window will open.
  • To sign in, a new window will pop up.
  • Please log in with your login name and password.
  • A submit button was clicked.
  • Assuming you follow these steps, you will be logged in successfully.

Enter Your Login Details Here For Sadhana

How to sign in to the portal:

  • Follow this link to access the official website at wdcw.ap.gov.in. Your browser’s homepage will load automatically.
  • Go ahead and use the main navigation to access the “Management Information System” tab. The next step is to visit the login page. A sign-in screen will appear.
  • You’ll need the ID and password you were given when you signed up for e Sadhana AP.
  • Don’t panic if you don’t hear back immediately after hitting the submit button; that just means your details are being checked.
  • Since you are logged in with an Andhra Pradesh State account, you have access to all of the system’s features.

Sadhana e-Download

Get the YSRSP app here: –

  • Start by checking out the state of Andhra Pradesh online.
  • The main page of the site loads immediately.
  • Pick the “YSRSP Mobile App” option.
  • By selecting this button, the installation process will begin immediately when it has finished downloading.
  • Then, start using this program.

The Aganwadi Sadhana Search Engine

  • View the Women’s Development and Child Welfare portal at wdcw.ap.gov.in.
  • Follow it up by going to the webpage and looking for an e-Sadhana offered by a local Anganwadi Center.
  • Select the “Anganwadi Data Warehouse” option.
  • After then, a new window will pop up.
  • Just hit the link labeled “Anganwadi Centers near you.”
  • Then, narrow your results using the filters of Mandal, revenue village, and ICDS project region.
  • To pick one is to choose.
  • After making a selection, you’ll be prompted to input your district, village, sector, and Mandal.
  • Anganwadi Centers in your area will be displayed as you enter your information.