E-Pauti Odisha: Pay Land Taxes Online, Rent Receipt Download

Numerous services and programs offered by the Odisha state government are being made available statewide in digital form. One such endeavor was the development of the e-Pauti Odisha Portal. The portal was built specifically to facilitate the electronic transfer of land revenue payments for all properties within the state’s borders. In the following post, I will explain how to use the e-Pauti Odisha Portal and highlight its most useful functions. What’s more, it explains how to use the site to pay your land tax bill online.

Odisha e-Pauti Portal

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik felt obligated to include and establish many online platforms to ease the supply of services to the general people of the state as technology spread across the country. Thus, the e-Pauti Odisha webpage was developed to facilitate this goal.

The State of Odisha’s Department of Revenue and Disaster Management developed and is in charge of administering the Odisha e-Pauti platform. This portal was conceived of and developed by the National Informatics Center in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Officially launching on India’s 73rd Independence Day, the web has been a huge boon to the people of Odisha ever since. Khajana (land tax) payments to the Revenue Department can now be made from the comfort of home, thanks to the launch of this new service. Learn how to use the portal’s many functions, including Online Land Revenue Payment, Download and check rent receipt, Know your Transaction ID, and more by reading the article.

e Pauti Odisha Overview

Name of the Portale-Pauti Odisha Portal
UnderGovernment of Odisha
State DepartmentRevenue and Disaster Management Department
Launched date15th August 2020
Launched byOdisha Chief Minister
ObjectiveLand Revenue Payment
Portal Statusonline

e-Pauti Odisha Portal Objectives

The e-Pauti Odisha Portal aims to give residents of Odisha, India, a single location to access a variety of government services and information. The portal intends to decrease the need for citizens to physically visit government offices while simultaneously increasing the efficiency and transparency of the delivery of public services. The following are only a few of the services provided by the portal:

  • requesting a variety of official documents, such as birth and death certificates
  • submitting different forms, including tax returns and land records
  • monitoring the performance of services and apps
  • using different government initiatives and plans
  • looking at government announcements and circulars
  • acquiring knowledge about various government departments’ missions.

Submission of Documents through the e-Pauti Odisha Portal

The following details are required to make an Odisha Land Revenue Payment using the e Pauti website:

  • The khata index.
  • Identified contact number database.
  • Particulars pertaining to a digital transaction, such as a credit card number or UPI.

Land Tax Payment in Odisha with e-Pauti

  • The landing page (or “Homepage”) is the first thing that users see when they access the main website.
  • Click the “Pay Land Tax” tab on the main page.
  • It’ll open a new tab/page.
  • Please fill out the required fields so that we may proceed. In order to proceed, please select the applicable options and supply the necessary details.
  • Tenant names and total square footage will be pulled from the database and shown there.
  • Rent, fees, water taxes, etc., shall be detailed in the following fields. Take a good look.
  • Click “Proceed” once you’ve entered the proper captcha code in the box provided.
  • Fill up the blanks with the following details.
  • Fill in the fields labeled “Name,” “Relationship to Listed Tenant,” “Depositor Address,” “Mobile,” and “Email,” and then hit “Continue.” After clicking this button, you will be taken to the gateway’s payment page.
  • Select the appropriate mode of payment (UPI, etc.). Send the necessary cash using your preferred method of payment.

Where Can I Find Instructions on Obtaining a Receipt for a Rental Payment Through the e-Pauti Odisha System?

  • Get your receipt for your rental payment by clicking the “Download Rent Receipt” button.
  • Put your Transaction ID here.
  • Rental Receipt for Odisha can be downloaded as an e-Pauti.
  • Then, go to the menu bar and choose “View.”
  • You will see an electronic copy of the receipt for rent payment that you requested.
  • It is available here.

Instructions for Verifying Your Rent Payment

  • To access Odisha e-Pauti, go to the website’s main page.
  • To verify your rental payment, click the button labeled “Verify Rent Receipt.”
  • Please enter your Transaction ID.
  • After that, select the “View” menu item.
  • If you’d prefer a hard copy of the same, select the printer icon.

Finding a User’s Transaction ID and What It Means

To begin, visit the Odisha e Pauti Portal homepage and create a user profile. If you go to its homepage, you’ll see this:

  • In the menu that appears, select “Know Your Transaction ID.” If you revisit the same link, you’ll be taken to a different page.
  • Please input the following data by selecting the relevant options from the drop-down menus: Information such as the fiscal year, district, tehsil, village, and khata number are mentioned.
  • To proceed to the next phase of the process, click the “Get” button at the very end of the procedure.
  • Once you’ve done this, the screen will display the required Transaction ID.
  • The payment’s current status will also be outlined for you.