Dog Quotes

  • “The more I come to get to know people the more I discover myself awed by dogs.”
  • “Once you’ve owned an amazing dog, a life that is not one is diminished.”
  • “The normal dog is nicer than the average human.”
  • “Happiness is a puppy that is warm.”
  • “If you’re looking to make friends in Washington then get an animal.”
  • “Folk will be able to tell how big your heart is by your treatment of dogs.”
  • “A pet is the one creature in the world that is more in love with you than the dog loves itself.”
  • “A house is not house until it is home to the presence of a dog.”
  • “Dogs are superior to human beings since they can tell but they don’t share.”
  • “Dogs aren’t our entire life, but they are a part of our lives complete.”


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