Country singer Luke Bell dies at 32


Country music star Luke Bell, 32, was discovered dead in Arizona in the middle of October the authorities announced on Tuesday.

The “Where Ya Been?” singer was discovered by police in Tucson on Friday, Tucson Police Officer Frank Magos said. The information was not further given, and officials stated that an investigation was underway.

Bell who was reported missing was found close to the spot which he last saw according to the Tucson police informed The New York Post. Bell, an Cody, Wyoming, native had worked as an ox rancher and spent “a few years of college” in Laramie before embarking on his music professional career according to his biography on the website Spotify. bio.

The self-released debut album back in the year 2012, and described his style to be “a little bit honky tonk and a little bit Texas, with healthy dashes of Bakersfield and vintage Nashville,” according to the bio.