Cm Kisan Sahay Yojana Compensation up to Rs. 1 lakh against crop loss.


Cm Kisan Sahay Yojana

Hello friends, thank you for visiting our website, we will give you information about the CM Kisan Sahay Yojana recently announced by the government.

The scheme has been announced by CM Vijaybhai Rupani. The scheme has been announced keeping in view the current season i.e. monsoon. Extremely low or very low rainfall in some places during the season. For example, in case of heavy rains, the crop is flooded by the farmer and all the crops are destroyed, hence this is considered as crop damage due to heavy rains. And in some places very little rain falls, even in these places the crop is destroyed due to insufficient water. With this in mind, the scheme has been issued by the Government.

Let us now know who can get compensation up to Rs 1 lakh in this scheme.

What three risks will be calculated?

(1) Drought

If there is less than 10 inches of rain in the taluka or if there is no rain between these two on 31st August since the onset of monsoon season, it will be considered as drought.

(2) Heavy rain

If there is continuous heavy rain and cloudburst in that taluka such as 35 inches or more rain in 48 hours and also 25 inches or more rain in 48 hours in the state, it will be detrimental to the crop. Hence this will be considered in the section of rainfall.

(3) Mavthu

If 50 mm i.e. more than 2 inches of rain falls in 48 consecutive hours between 15th October to 15th November, the crop will be damaged. Hence it is considered as non-seasonal rain. And it will be counted in the Mavtha section.

(1) How many farmers in the state will be covered?

– Will cover all farmers in the state.

(2) For which season’s crop will this scheme benefit?

For all kharif crops. This scheme will be implemented only for the current kharif season.

(3) On what basis will the assistance be available?

Percentage of crop loss – 33% to 60% – Assistance Rs. Per hectare – Rs. 20,000 / –

More than 60%. If yes – Assistance Rs. Rs. 20,000 / –

(4) What is the maximum number of hectares to be assisted?

4 hectares

(5) How to get help?

Direct assistance will be credited to farmers’ bank accounts through dbt.

(6) How to apply?

The process from application to payment will be done online.

The application will be made from the Igram Center at the expense of the State Government.

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