Christmas Quotes

  • “Christmas is, in my opinion, love at work. Every time we are loved each time we show the gift of love, it’s the season of Christmas.”
  • “Maybe Christmas, that Grinch thought, doesn’t originate from a retail store.”
  • “Christmas is the time of year that binds all time.”
  • “Faith is sprinkled and salted throughout the Christmas season.”
  • “Christmas isn’t just about a day It’s a frame in your mind.”
  • “At Christmas, play and bring happiness, because Christmas is only once in a year.”
  • “I will cherish Christmas with my heart and will try to keep it throughout the year.”
  • “Christmas Children is not a holiday or a time. It’s a state of mind.”
  • “It is the Christmas spirit which brings Christmas to life.”
  • “Christmas is the only moment of the year when you can be on dead trees and eat sweets from socks.”
  • “Christmas is an amazing season… I’ve just seen all my money magically disappear.”
  • “Christmas is a sacrament for our souls. It makes us think of others, instead of thinking of ourselves. It causes us to think about giving.”
  • “Christmas is the perfect opportunity to look back at our thankfulness.”
  • “This Is the meaning of Christmas. We’re not ever.”
  • “Christmas is about doing something extra for someone else.”