CBSE Announces Std. 12 Practical Exam Dates, Write down all these details

CBSE Announces Std. 12 Practical Exam Dates

The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced the dates of the 12th standard practical examination on Saturday. The practical examination in CBSE 12 will be held from January 1 to February 8. These dates are likely, the CBSE said. It will also be announced separately after receiving the notification of the date.

The board has also announced a separate SOP for the planning of this examination. Separate dates will be sent to schools for the practical exam, the board said. An observer will be appointed from the board, who will oversee the practical examination and project evaluation.

Schools will have to put a photo of the practical exam on the application. All the schools will be given an application link on which they have to upload a group photo of each batch of students during the practical exam.

The group photo will have all the students, external, internal examinees and observers of the bench giving the practical examination. Everyone’s face should be clearly visible in the photo. The datesheet will be released soon.

CBSE secretary Anurag Tripathi said on Friday that the board exams for Class 10 and Class 12 would be held and the schedule for the same was likely to be announced soon. CBSE is planning for this and it will come out soon how the exam will be evaluated. Tripathi’s statement came amid demands for cancellation or postponement of board exams in view of the growing number of Kovid-19 cases.

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