Free Sewing Mасhine Yojana Gujarat Form Download Online

Eligibility Criteria

Annual income limit for rural area is Rs. 120,000 / –
Annual income limit for urban area is Rs. 1,50,000 / –
The trainee should be a developing caste, a minority or a nomadic caste.

The standard of assistance

Stipend monthly Rs. 250 / –
Assistance for purchase of sewing machine Rs. 6000 / –
Duration of sewing course 6 months
Beneficiaries of nomadic-free caste get Rs. 350 / – stipend
Rs. 2,500 / – assistance.

Financial Provision (in Rs. Lakhs)

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Аррliсаtiоn Fоrm


Important about Education Loan Yojana

Countless words have been written about the importance of education. Education is the only valuable dream that human beings can achieve. Education is one of the most important tools for success in today’s world.

] This is important because it is used to reduce most of the challenges in life. The knowledge gained through education opens the door for better skills in career development. Those who get a good education get a secure future, through education we get many competitive jobs.

Can find In the last one and a half decades, Gaju Rate has flourished in the industrial sector. Many new industries are being set up through state and out-of-state investment. According to him, the demand for students who have done vocational courses in the last 12 years in the state has increased. It is also necessary for the development of the state that more and more students get admission in various courses in the field of higher education after Std. 10 and 12 and contribute to the development of the state.

In view of the fact that the parents of the students have a meager income and due to such meager income, the parents can send their brilliant children to the field of higher education especially.

There are a number of things that can be said about sending them to vocational courses. Students studying in higher education courses have to spend a lot of money on tuition fees, purchase of equipment and books while living and studying far away from home.

Therefore, such students who are brilliant in studies find it very difficult to repay due to the meager income of their parents as well as to pursue higher studies without financial support in the cost of education.

So the students have to take a loan from the bank to study.

The State Government had received various representations for providing financial assistance to the bright and needy students seeking admission in the state’s higher education courses.

Considering the representations received by the State Government, bright and deserving students should be given equal opportunities to get equal opportunities in higher education.

Government’s decision to provide financial assistance on equal basis to eligible students Was under.

People with a lack of academic credentials work for a limited amount of money in the service, manufacturing and construction jobs. While employees with high school education can get jobs with good benefits.

Some vocational education courses after Std. 12 are very expensive, many jobs require at least a diploma, but for a good career most of them require some kind of higher education which has some kind of knowledge and experience in a certain field.
Must be So that a financially weak person cannot study further.

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Manav Garima Yojana Full Detail

Manav Garima Yojana

Assistance is provided in the form of tool kit to SC people who want to start a small business to get self-employment without taking bank loan.

Self-employment can be obtained from the ISMO of the Scheduled Tribes. They are given tool kits/tools as per the scheme.

Eligibility criteria:

The annual income limit of Scheduled Tribe ISM family in rural area is Rs. 5,000/- and Rs. 5,000/-

Scheme Benefits / Support:

Toolkits/equipment are provided by Grimco Gandhinagar for various types of occupations to ST people.

કુલ –૨૮ પ્રકારના વ્યવસાય માટે સાધન-ટૂલ કિટ્સ આપવામાં આવે છે.

● કડીયાકામ
● સેન્‍ટીંગ કામ
● વાહન સર્વિસીંગ અને રીપેરીંગ
● મોચીકામ
● દરજીકામ
● ભરતકામ
● કુંભારીકામ
● વિવિધ પ્રકારની ફેરી
● પ્લમ્બર
● બ્યુટી પાર્લર
● ઇલેક્ટ્રીક એપ્લાયન્‍સીસ રીપેરીંગ
● ખેતીલક્ષી લુહારી/વેલ્ડીંગ કામ
● સુથારીકામ
● ધોબીકામ
● સાવરણી સુપડા બનાવનાર
● દુધ-દહી વેચનાર
● માછલી વેચનાર
● પાપડ બનાવટ
● અથાણા બનાવટ
● ગરમ, ઠંડા પીણા, અલ્પાહાર વેચાણ
● પંચર કીટ
● ફ્લોર મીલ
● મસાલા મીલ
● રૂ ની દિવેટ બનાવવી (સખીમંડળની બહેનો)
● મોબાઇલ રીપેરીંગ
● પેપર કપ અને ડીશ બનાવટ (સખીમંડળ)
● હેર કટીંગ (વાળંદ કામ)
● રસોઇકામ માટે પ્રેશર કુકર (ઉજ્જવલા ગેસ કનેક્શનના લાભાર્થી)

Income limit

Rs.2,000/- per year for rural area

Rs.2,000/- per annum for urban area

Standard of Support

Assistance is provided in the form of tools/equipment kits under Manav Garima Yojana. Implementation of this scheme from 1/4/2018 through Director, Scheduled Caste Welfare, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar.


The application has to be submitted in the prescribed format to the office of the Assistant Commissioner/Tribal Development of the district along with documentary evidence.

Manav Garima Yojana Important Documents

Aadhar Card
ration magazine
Proof of residence of the applicant (Electricity Bill / License / Ration Card)
Example of applicant’s caste/sub-caste
Example of annual income given by Taluka Development Officer / Mamlatdar
study evidence
Proof of having taken vocational oriented training
warranty sheet
Applicant’s photo

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Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan (PM-SYM)

ShramApp is Product of Shri Shakti Infomotion Pvt. Ltd. (INDIA)
On ShramApp you can find all types of entry level jobs along with jobs for freshers and experienced people in multiple fields. You can choose from a variety of job options like Back Office Jobs, Marketing & Sales, Tele-calling /BPO/Customer Care, Delivery, Driver, Field Sales, Technician, Beautician, Biker and Rider, Receptionist and Front Office Jobs, Accounts Jobs, Data Entry Operator, Office Assistant & Office Admin, Office Boy/Clerk/ Peon/Helpers, Graphic Designer, Cook, Hotel Staff and Hospitality Jobs, Housekeeping, Ward Boy & Nurse Jobs, Hardware Engineer, Security Guards, Welder, All Types Of Technician Jobs – Electrician, Turner, Fitter, Plumber, Mechanic, Wire man jobs.

Shri Shakti Infomotion Private Limited is 100% Indian organisation who stabilised for country, serves for country. Our team of experts from all walks of applied emotions, sciences and work together to deliver super-smart organisational intelligence.

Why this App:-

Businesses are facing the darkest clouds ever in the history of commerce.
This is resulting in sudden losses in the employment rate. The situation has dispossessed millions of jobs all across the globe and hence, a virtual vaccine is something that we all need to recover from what seems a never-ending job eating parasite. From a virtual vaccine, we mean a digital platform through which we can not only operate our work but also can protect ourselves from this situation.
All you will be required is the right set of skills to work remotely and communicate your requirements virtually. The rest of the things are taken care by us. So, cheer up as the days of despair that your job loss has infected you with are over. Use this app, talk about your experiences, your skills, and within a time lesser than you expected you will be pulling out the best job for yourself to recover from the financial shock that you are bearing along with your family.

For the employers:-

Here goes a word of wisdom, the world is not the same anymore and it will continue to become digital with each passing day. With us, it is now extremely easy for you to connect with the right set of employees, having the ability to drive your organisation forward.
We are grateful to get tremendous success to help the talented and deserving workers to get jobs in the profile of electricians, plumbers, starting level mechanics, receptionists, floor attendants, and more. Fueled by the tremendous success we are now expanding and getting into the different departments of the corporate. Try us as we are just a tap away from you!

Precious Request:-

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, it is a request to the employers to register unemployment workers in this App in order to help them in earning better money. This will help those directionless workers to earn some money so that they can support their family in the hour of need. – Ranjana Deb

ShramApp Features:-

• ShramApp is a 100% Indian app.
• ShramApp is made by the people of country and for the people of country.
• ShramApp is the great platform for the unemployed and displaced labourers.
• On ShramApp labour and job providers can made their profiles and this is absolutely 100% free.
• On this app we can also find our daily needs like a.c. repair, electrician, plumber, driver, home tutors, etc. easily.
• You can also talk and select labour directly from this app.
• This app provides you opportunity to select poor labourers directly and help them to run their home smoothly.
• This app tells you about the work opportunity according to your profile details.COLLAPSE


Pandit Din Dayal Upadhyay Awas Yojana

Pandit Din Dayal Upadhyay Awas Yojana Online Form 2021, Pandit Din Dayal Upadhyay Awas Yojana (Housing Scheme)| New Updates News 2021

Eligibility Criteria For Pandit Din Dayal Awas yojana:

Rs. 1,20,000/- Annual income in Rural area.
Rs. 1,50,000/- Annual income in Urban area.
B.P.L. Beneficiaries given preference.

Pandit Din dayal Upadhyay awas Yojana For Assistance Criteria :

Assistance up to 1,20,000/- in the urban housing scheme
vaashik Aawak Garam Vikas Ke Liye:120000/-
Aapki Maaliki Ka Palot Hona Chhiye.
Ati Pachhat Vicharti Vimukat Cast Ko pahele Agrta Deti He.
Yearly Arawak 150000/-
Naanakiy Jogvai Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Awas Yojana;- 120000/-

Eligibility Criteria

Rs. 1,20,000/- Annual income in Rural area.
Rs. 1,50,000/- Annual income in Urban area.
B.P.L. Beneficiaries given preference.

Assistance Criteria

Assistance up to 1,20,000/- in the urban housing scheme
vaashik Aawak Garam Vikas Ke Liye:120000/-
Aapki Maaliki Ka Palot Hona Chhiye.
Ati Pachhat Vicharti Vimukat Cast Ko pahele Agrta Deti He.
Yearly Arawak 150000/-
Naanakiy Jogvai Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Awas Yojana;- 120000/-

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Apply Online

Official Website

Online applications for subsidy from the Department of Agriculture are ongoing.

ખેડુત મલ્ટીપર્પઝ ઉપયોગ હેતુ ડ્રમ અને બે પ્લાસ્ટિક ના ટોકર ખરીદી માટે સહાય

The state has achieved an average agricultural growth rate of more than 10% in the last decade. For the first time in the country, the state has given innovative programs like Krishi Mahotsav and Soil Health Card. An innovative step has been added to this development journey this year. Farmers in the state can get timely information about farm inputs required for farming, state-of-the-art agricultural information can be made available at their fingertips, farmers can easily avail various welfare schemes at home and know the current market prices of weather and agricultural products. The i-farmer portal is implemented by the department.

Following are the Components or Ingredient of I khedut yojna.

1. Underground Pipe Line-PVC
2.M B. Plau (mechanical reversible
3.Mb Plau
4.Mb Plau (Hydraulic reverse)
5.Outomatic Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
6. Automated Seed Low Fertilizer Planner
7. Automated Seed Drill
8. Celtivator
9. Cleaner cum Grader
10. Open Pipeline
11.Groundnut Digger
12. Charge cutter (engine / oil motor operated)
13.Captor Cutter (Tractors / Power Teeler Operated)
14. Chasele Plau
15. Serious Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
16. Zero Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Planner
17. Serious Teal Seed Drill
9.Discover Plau
20.Discover Heroes
21. Retired
22. Pedi Trans-Planet (Self-propelled)
23. Pump Setts
24.Processing Unit
26.Pack Defense Equipment- Power-operated
27. Power Tealer
28. Power Thraser
29. Power Weeder (self-propelled)
30. Potato Diger
31. Potato Planter
32.Post Hall Digger
33. Frontier Broadcasters
35. Bund Former
36. Brus Cutter
37. Blade Harrow
38.Beller (tractor powered
39. Multi Crop Planter
40. Mobile Shader
41.Redged Bed Planter
42.Raze & Return Planter
44.Reper (tractor front mounted)
45.Ripper (self propelled)
46. Reaper cum binder
47. Pottery Plow
48. Harry Potter Disk
49. Rotary Power Tealer (Self Propelled)
50. Rotor Power Harrow
51. Rawatwater level
53. Laser Land Level
54. Vinoving Fan
56.Stable Saver
57. Subsecular
58. Slashar
59. Hand Tools Kit
60.Hero (Rap)

Important Documents

૧. 7/12 ૮ અ નો ઉતારો
૨. આધાર કાર્ડ ની ઝેરોક્ષ
૩. બેન્ક પાસબુક ની ઝેરોક્ષ

Important Links

Official Website

Apply Form

અરજી કરવાની તારીખ ૧૫/૦૮/૨૦૨૧ થી ૩૧/૦૮/૨૦૨૧

Namo Tablet Yojana Registration 2021 Full Detail

Namo Tablet Registration Online 2021 | Namo Tablet Yojana

Namo Tablet Scheme The scheme was announced by the government when it came to Digital India with this in mind. In this scheme students are given a tablet while studying in college and the price of that tablet is around Rs. 8000 but considering this scheme The tablet is given by the government for only Rs. 1,000. Therefore, the government’s intention is that the students who are in the weaker class and those students can not have the facility of mobile or bring the mobile so the scheme is issued by the government.

Namo Tablet Yojana

Detail of Namo Tablet Yojana

Name- Namo Tablet Yojana

Launched by- Gujarat Goverment

launched on- 17 July 2017

Price- Rs.1000

Official Website-

Namo Tablet Yojana Round And Date

14th July 2017 by 4 pm.

17th July by 4 pm.

20th July 2017 by 4 pm

Detail Oo Namo Tablet

Manufacturer Company- Lenovo/Acer

Price- Rs. 8000-9000

Processor- 1.3GHz MediaTek

External memory- 64GB

Internal memory- 16GB

Display- 7inch

Touch screen- Capacitive

Battery- 3450 mAh Li-Ion

Operating System- Android v5.1 Lollipop

4G Micro Single SIM(LTE)(Voice Calling)

Warranty- 1 Year for the handset, 6 months for in-box accessories

5 MP Rear Camera and 2 MP Front


Weight- 350 gms

Chipset Quad-core

Eligibility Criteria For Namo Tablet Yojana

  • Household income should not be more than one lakh a year
  • You must be a resident of the Gujarat state.
  • Student must belong to below the poverty line category.
  • The student should have passed 12 and studied in college
  • To Avail the Branded Tablet, Pl. deposit Rs. 1000/- at the institute / College where you have taken the admission.

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Important Documents

  • Address Proof
  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhar card
  • 12th passing certificate
  • Certificate to confirm the Admission in the under-graduation course or Polytechnic course
  • Caste certificate

Namo Tablet Registration

Apply Namo Tablet Registration

Detail Namo Tablet

HelpLine Number

Helpline No. 079-26566000

Timing : 11 am to 5pm

Education Department Government of Gujarat

Madare Vatan Yojana full Details Gujarat Government’s New Yojana

Madare Vatan Yojana full Details

In order to develop the rural areas of Gujarat on a balanced basis, the state government and the central government are currently implementing social development welfare schemes for rural development in rural areas. Grants are given to Gram Panchayats as well as various facilities prescribed for collective development for balanced development of villages have been provided under a very important scheme like Gokul Gram Yojana of the State Government earlier.

Madare Vatan Yojana

A person who is a native of a village in the state or has a feeling from the village can donate to his village to carry out necessary development works in the village with an excellent spirit of helping his motherland from his economic earnings. Along with donations, the state government also helps the village through participation in the development works of the village Six considerations of the Government regarding the implementation of Madar Watan Yojana with the welfare spirit that the work of increasing the water infrastructural facilities of the village can be carried out with the objective of making the village complete by constructing basic infrastructural facilities as per the need of the place given to Viramgam against the amount of donation received by TI. Is under.

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Gujaratis live all over the country and the world, but in their homeland, souvenirs and patriotic efforts, love is always alive in their hearts, they have a desire in their heart to do something for the homeland. It has been decided to implement the Madrevatan Yojana subject to the following provisions with a view to create better facilities.

Madare Vatan Yojana Provisions of the scheme
  • A village is a village with a gram panchayat.
  • A person living in a donor village, a person with a feeling for a dham or a person.
  • A person who belongs to the village or his ancestors resided in the village and the district of the village in the Gram Panchayat area on the basis of their residency resides anywhere outside the state in the country. Must be submitted.
  • List of works to be undertaken under the scheme
  • Pako road from the main road of the village through the entrance to the gram panchayat house or village chora.
  • Other roads in the village.
  • Village thieves.
  • Gram Panchayat Ghar Primary School Secondary School Room Smart Class.
  • Drinking water facility Home facility.
  • ST bus pickup stand to protect in heat and rainy season.
  • Cemetery Home Cemetery.
  • substation / Primary Health Center
  • Anganwadi.
  • Community hall.
  • Village public places Street lights on public roads.
  • Gram Hat Hat.
  • Arrangement of door-to-door collection of solid waste and its disposal to the landfill site in a scientific manner.
  • Milk congregation building.
  • Veterinary Center.
  • Work of paving block of public road and public chowk of rural village.
  • Making Udhan under Panchvati scheme Sports ground.
  • Facilitate ventilation from communal toilet animals.
  • Feast.
  • Arrangement of underground sewerage system and its water cycle for collection of water for home use.
  • Library.
  • The entrance to the village

The above mentioned list of works is exemplary. any one does not have to do the work which is not included in this list but the scientifically assigned duty of Gram Panchayat has to do the work for the old compliance, then it can be done with the approval of Taluka Development Officer.

Download Gujarati Pdf Full Detail

Beneficiary List Of Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday spoke to Pooja Thapa, the 1 croreth beneficiary of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Pooja, who hails from Meghalaya, thanked the Prime Minister for starting the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

He said that she was able to get the operation done free of cost through this scheme. Modi also wished Pooja to recover soon and took feedback from him about the scheme.

1 crore people benefit from Ayushman India: Modi

The Prime Minister praised the work of doctors, nurses and people associated with the scheme in implementing Ayushman Bharat Scheme to help the poor. He said that due to everyone’s efforts, Ayushman Bharat Scheme became the world’s largest healthcare scheme. The number of its beneficiaries has reached 1 crore, it is a matter of pride for all of us. Many poor lives were improved through this scheme in less than two years.

‘Treatment has become easier for those working in other states’
The Prime Minister said that the biggest benefit of this scheme is the convenience of portability. People associated with this can get affordable and better health facilities anywhere in the country. This has benefited those who work in other states or have to move from where they have registered.

The Prime Minister said that wherever he goes on a tour in the country, Ayushman talks to the beneficiaries of India. Right now we are talking on the phone if this is not possible due to corona infection.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme includes corona test and treatment
Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a health insurance scheme launched for the poor. In this, every family gets an insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh annually. The government had expanded the scope of the scheme recently. Now the corona test to be held in private labs and hospitals will be done under the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. That is, the corona test and treatment of the beneficiaries of this scheme will be free. About 50 crore people are expected to benefit from this.

Contact Detail

3rd, 7th & 9th Floor, Tower-l, Jeevan Bharati Building,
Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001
Contact Number:
Toll-Free Call Center Number: 14555/ 1800111565

Kisan Suryoday Yojana

Hello friends, welcome to our website. We have come here with information about the Kisan Sahay Yojana that has been launched by the Government.

Kisan Suryoday Yojana

Kisan Suryoday Yojana: The farmers and the government can also benefit from the higher yield so that the farmers’ scheme can prove to be very important. The scheme states that the lights which were given to the farmers for irrigation were given in the morning and night before. The farmers used to irrigate their fields like this but now the government has taken a very important decision by the farmers. In this tragedy it has been stated that when the farmers go to fetch water at night in winter, the farmers have to suffer from cold.

In order to alleviate the problems of the farmers, the government has said that instead of the morning and evening lights which were given now, the lights will be given only in the morning and not at night and that too every day. Therefore, having light for a while will be important and very beneficial to the farmers so that they do not have to irrigate at night and do not have to suffer any other inconvenience as there are some forest areas and some places when farmers irrigate at night.

Kisan Suryoday Yojana: There are wild animals like pigs, foxes and leopards and so the farmers are scared and how many places the farmers are also their prey so the government has decided that now only morning power will be given so that farmers can irrigate at night. Kisan Suryoday Yojana Will not have to and will benefit from farming and irrigation.