Amazing Technology Bird Voice Touch Anywhere

Bird Voice Touch Anywhere

Hello friends, welcome to our website. We have created this post to increase the education of children and also to increase their general knowledge. In this post, we can easily identify the birds and also find out what their speaking sounds are. 

This is a marvel of technology but our children will easily know the identity of birds and their sound so the general knowledge of children will also increase. It also states which birds can live near the water and away from the water. 

We have collected many types of birds like cockatiel, duck, bulbul, cuckoo, heron, etc. and also identified their voices so the children will also enjoy listening to them. Primarily in this world nature has created many kinds of birds and that too wonderful. 

There are many birds that we have never heard or seen. But here we have a collection of a few birds that have a beautiful voice and a nice look. If you want to see it, click on the link below and click on the birds that appear.

Click Here To Lisen Bird Voice

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How are Bridges built on Water?

Bridges built on Water

Hello friends. Welcome to our website. We have created a post today that will give you a little boost in your general knowledge. Friends, our website works to give you daily happenings and new news. If you want to join us you can join through the WhatsApp group mentioned above. 
Let me tell you that you know how a big bridge that passes through the sea, river, and big lakes will be built in water. If a bridge is built in water, where will the water in the place where the bridge is built go? All your questions will be solved by watching the video shown in this post. 

If you watch this video, your general knowledge will increase and you will also know how to build a bridge in the water. People who need skilled engineers to build a bridge in water first measure the depth of water then measure the length of the bridge and finally plan the bridge by checking the weight of the bridge and the weight of the equipment running on it. 
The plan is first prepared in a computer and then printed and given to the artisans to work accordingly. See friends if you have found something new through this post let us know by commenting in this post and also join our WhatsApp group.

How To Launch Ship 10 Awesome Waves Ship Launch

Awesome Waves Ship Launch

Hello friends, welcome to our website. In this post, we will tell you how to take big ships undersea after they are built in a big company. Such questions will be on your mind and when such a big ship is taken to sea, it is like seeing these sights. Children like to see such scenes more and we like them too. 
But to see such scenes you have to go near the sea but not all people live by the sea so we can put a video in our post here for children and adults to see how they can take the ship to the sea. is coming. Showing such things to the child also makes the child knowledgeable and funny. 
In this way, we will bring you such new videos for you and through it you will be able to increase your child’s knowledge. This video shows you differently when a new ship is launched into the sea.
Friends, you will have many such questions, such as how this happened and how the ship will be taken to sea. What will be the biggest animals in the world? How to build big bridges in water. Which is the largest tree in the world? We will post all your questions differently. If you like our post, let us know by commenting in the comment box of our post and also let us know if there are any other improvements.