Attitude Quotes

  • “Attitude is one of the little things that can make a huge impact.”
  • “If you’re in the midst of hell, just keep going.”
  • “It is about being able to go from failure to success without losing the enthusiasm.”
  • “We earn a living from what we can earn, however, we create a better life through the things we do.”
  • “If we start a debate between present and past and find out that we’ve lost the prospect of the future.”
  • “Nobody can ensure victory in war, but you must be able to prove it.”
  • “I might be drunk Miss, but in the morning, I’ll be sober and you’ll still look ugly.”
  • “This isn’t the final stage. It’s not necessarily the start of the final phase. However, it could be, the final beginning.”
  • “The most persuasive argument against the concept of democracy is to have a five-minute discussion with the average voter.”
  • “Have you got enemies? Good. This means that you’ve fought for something at some point in your life.”

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