Atmnirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana: How to get the loan announced by the government at 2% interest rate?

More than 10 lakh people in the state will get a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh at 2% interest, with only 2% interest to be paid.

1. How much is the loan provision?

Provision has been made to get a loan of Rs. One lakh under this scheme.

2. How much interest will have to be paid on this loan?

The borrower will have to pay only 2% interest and the other 6% interest will be paid by the government

3. Who will be able to avail the benefit of this loan?

➡️ Small grocery store, auto driver, small business vanand, laundry plumber, street vendor etc.
Will benefit.

4. From what date will the form be distributed?

 The distribution of forms will start from 21st May.

5. Where can I get the form?

Branches of Cooperative Bank
Urban Co-operative Banks
Credit Co-operative Societies

6. What will be the last date for filling up the form?

Individuals wishing to avail the benefits of this scheme have to fill up the form and return it to the branches by 31st August.

7. How much fee will have to be paid?

➡️ Fees will not be charged. No commission is also charged for approving the loan.

8. What should be given as a guarantee?

➡️ Only certificates prescribed by the government will have to be issued.

9. How to repay the loan?

No installment has to be paid in 6 months after getting the loan. After that the loan will have to be repaid in installments


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