5 Star Yojana


5 Star Yojana 

Hello friends. Welcome to our website. The Government has recently launched an important scheme for the villages in the hinterland. This scheme is applicable to the Postal Department. The scheme will work primarily to sensitize individuals living in the hinterland. The scheme has been named “5 Star” by the Government.

The scheme covers the following types of schemes

1. Savings bank account. NSC / KVP Certificate

2. Sukanya Samrudh Account, PPF Account.

3. Post Office Savings Scheme, Post Bank of India Account

4. Postal Life Insurance Policy, Grameen Dak Life Insurance

5. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Vima Yojana / Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Vima Yojana

Download Gujarati Pdf: Click Here

The main objective of this scheme is to promote the village post. Any post posted in the hinterland does not have a transaction account of the person or post in it and the account is opened by going to the nearest urban area so the villagers leave the village post and go to the urban area. That is why this plan has been launched.



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